Pearls from the Infinite Wisdom


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Pearls from the Infinite Wisdom by Swami Amritachitswarupananda Puri

Amma’s grace has made this book possible for the benefit of all aspirants. Once we look beneath and beyond all the bustle and activity centered around Amma, we certainly get a glimpse of the depths of Her real nature and the thrill of it.
“I remember one of Amma’s answers to a woman during a Satsang who was complaining how hard it was for her to share Amma with others, etc. Amma replied that a Guru is subtle like space, air, or water. If we try to grab and hold a bunch of air or water tightly in our fists, we will not be able to hold anything. Rather, if we open our fists or hearts wide, the water (grace) will overflow our palm (heart)!” Such Pearls are arranged in the book accordingly to help us recognize our true nature.

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